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Kimball Building Supplies Centre

314 Road 8 West
(Corner of Arner Townline & Road 8 West)
Essex, ON  N8M 2X6

Phone: 519-776-6404
Fax: 519-776-4486

Email: e2eae481Ra276gUr1Dd9SRUNzCCCeUNPMmYz|

Store Hours:

Summer Hours

Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday:  8:00am - 4:30pm
Sunday:  Closed

Kimball Building Supplies Storefront

Staff Directory

Kevin Kimball, Vice President
Email: e2eae641Oemf8mJ0huE1OhZOfDM1ggg9DMeFwK1|

Mike, Engineered Floors, Windows & Doors
Email: e2eae511WCau46.c_6aCWPs777TWPuer2s|

Matt, ShippingDoors and Trim
Email: e2eae381Y5002XyOzLYG5NNNSYGEugA5|

Paula, Kitchens, Bath & Plumbing
Email: e2eae221xrEi7yHiCPGWrSv@ZoriiiEZodGCBr|

Rose, Accounts Receivable
Email: e2eae411SuC.9@BWBZcpVqhsN2EkPPPa2E.Sb-k|

Sam, Engineered Floors, Steel Roofing & Siding
Email: e2eae171wly27FdMVQ3Oqpy9lVVVxy96ZQml|

Evan, Decks, Railings & Fencing
Email: e2eae311wPtJ4_pik8kG-vtEEEs-vwzeit|

Lynn, Credit and Sales Associate
Email: e2eae1016Zoo1YLI9rhD666@rhjqXbD|

Audrey, Estimating & Sales Associate 
Email: e2eae581Sbag07nVeKcCS444bcC7gyUS|

Grant, Estimating
Email: e2eae161riny0wPdBVlnqqq3VlIi29n|

Your trusted building & hardware supply partner ®

Kimball Building Supplies Centre

PHONE: 519-776-6404
FAX: 519-776-4486

314 Road 8 West
(Corner of Arner Townline & Road 8 West)
Essex, Ontario N8M 2X6

Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 5:30pm 
Saturday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Sunday: Closed

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